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Dr. Ragg angioclinic® Zürich

Dr Johann C. Ragg | Chief of Medicine

Dr Ragg is an internationally renowned expert in vascular medicine with an incomparable wealth of experience from more than 100,000 operations. He is the founder and chief physician of the angioclinic® Vein Centers in Berlin, Munich and Zurich. As a physician and physicist, he has been active in the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for 25 years. The main objectives of his interventions are reliability, painlessness and success in line with the guarantee.


Dr Sebastian Kreis | Partner Doctor

Dr Sebastian Kreis is a general practitioner and specialist in general medicine with a doctorate in phlebology. He has been working together with Dr Ragg academically for many years. Dr Kreis is specialized in ultrasound diagnostics, especially of veins and arteries, and specializes in consulting and differential diagnostics (internal medicine).


Dr Oana-Raluca Despa | Senior Physician

Dr Oana-Raluca Despa studied human medicine in Vienna and is a specialist in vascular surgery. She is senior physician at the angioclinic® centre for veins in Berlin and supports the Munich team if needed.

Dr Despa is proficient in the entire spectrum of angioclinic® procedures. In addition, she is an experienced specialist for gynaecological varicose vein problems.

Samira El-Chamali angioclinic®Samira El-Chamali | Doctor

Samira El-Chamali has been a member of Dr Ragg's team in Berlin, Munich and Zurich since 2009. She specializes in ultrasound diagnostics and aesthetic vein therapy, in particular sclerotherapy and laser therapy of spider veins.

Simon Grzelachowski angioclinic®

Simon Grzelachowski | Phlebology Assistant

Simon Grzelachowski is a phlebology assistant and a medical assistant. He masters all diagnostic procedures and completed his training at the "Phlebological Training Academy" of the German Society for Phlebology.

Simon Grzelachowski is the angioclinic® trainer for newly qualifying doctors. He also specializes in organizing operations and quality management. Simon Grzelachowski supports the angioclinic® teams in Berlin, Munich and Zurich.

Krastina Stoyanova angioclinic®

Nadja Fuhrmann | Senior Medical Practice Assistant (EFZ)

Nadja Fuhrmann has been working in the angioclinic® team since 2016. She is a trained medical practice assistant and is currently in further training to become a medical practice coordinator with a Federal Swiss professional certificate.

Activity: Organization and Management. Assistance with medical and aesthetic therapies.

Krastina Stoyanova angioclinic®

Birgit Marquardt | Member of the Executive Board

Birgit Marquardt has been a member of the angioclinic® Vein Centres management since 2005. In Zurich she has been looking after individual patient wishes and organising quality control since 2010.

Activities: patient, clinic and quality management

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