Bonding Techniques for Veins

Klebetechniken für Venen - Dr. Ragg, Zürich

There are currently two approved methods in Europe: VenaSeal (Covidien) and VariClose (Biolas). VenaSeal works with a more resinous adhesive, while VariClose's is more liquid. With both systems, diseased veins can be reliably closed. The advantage is that the veins are immediately and permanently reduced in size. This effect occurs only gradually after radio waves or sclerotherapy. Bonding is advantageous for some forms of 'truncal vein insufficiency' (long, straight collecting veins) as it provides a tangible and visible immediate result. Compression stockings after the treatment are no longer necessary.

Dr Ragg: "I have been testing vein bonding techniques since 2009, which is the longest experience with vein adhesives in Europe. I myself hold two current patents for vein adhesives that are aimed at bio-adhesives. So, patients from Switzerland can trust me in Zurich for a good professional consultation."

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