How are Early Stages of Venous Insufficiency treated?

Wie behandelt man Frühstadien der Venenschwäche - Dr. Ragg, Zürich

In Switzerland, early stages of venous insufficiency, with or without varicose veins, can only be treated appropriately in Zurich. The early stages cannot be seen (deep in the leg!). The early changes in the venous valves are only understood by a few doctors worldwide who have studied vascular ultrasound and venous valves for decades. Dr Ragg can gain fascinating insights with the latest ultrasound systems and show you details on your veins.

Since there are often no or only minor visible changes and also usually no or only minor complaints, it is important to have a qualified diagnosis carried out if there is the slightest suspicion (spider veins, reinforced blue veins, beginning varicose veins, slight swelling). Attention: Only physicians with expertise in venous valve analysis can be considered, as the valves determine the type of therapy.

In the stages of vein loading or overloading, Dr Ragg's targeted activation programs are used: exactly those muscles are promoted whose activation leads to vein relief. The exercises require hardly any time and can be integrated almost imperceptibly into everyday life, yet they are still highly effective. Light and fashionable compression stockings are recommended for seated and standing professionals.

If these measures do not lead to a remedy within 3 months, a minimal intervention of the vein formation by means of hyaluronic acid will be considered: A medically proven biogel surrounds an overloaded vein section like an internal compression stocking, stabilizes and normalizes the diameter. This state-of-the-art procedure uses well studied media (e.g. hyaluroic acid for wrinkle injection), is very successful, safe and well tolerated. In Switzerland, it is offered exclusively in our vein center in Zurich.

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