Our task is to treat varicose veins, spider veins, weak veins, thromboses, vascular malformations and circulatory disorders at the most advanced level internationally.

We do this by a principle: "The quality of the diagnosis determines the quality of the therapy," our objective is: "preserving veins is better than destroying veins," and a unique variety of modern methods - all painless, without anesthesia, without cuts, 100% on an outpatient basis with a fitness guarantee. Today, veins are treated without an operation or anaesthesia. Even large varicose veins are better removed without cutting. It is called endovenous therapy because it solves the vein problems 'from the inside' through gentle and painless closure techniques.

Dr. Ragg: "15 years ago I was one of the first to start with endovenous procedures, and was able to perfect many methods with knowledge and heart blood. More than 35,000 surgical procedures give me an experience that you can sense - everything goes smoothly and safely like a Swiss watch."

The first goal is to restore healthy venous function and, if possible, to preserve veins. Where it is too late, the causes should be removed using endovenous methods in order to relieve the rest of the venous system.

What you as a patient can do for your veins is the basis of orthodynamic therapy. Your body has the ability to pump venous blood up from the foot to the heart working against gravity through muscle activity. This ability is lost through a lot of sitting and standing, but can be reactivated. This strategy is occasionally sufficient as a sole measure for relieving symptoms, but can also complement any other measure. Like brushing your teeth every day, it is an important part of venous prevention.

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