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Medical Tribune: Taking early-stage venous insufficiency seriously | June 2020

At the Medical Tribune's 'Venous Problems' roundtable, Dr. Ragg spoke with Swiss colleagues and made the case for early diagnosis. Dr. Ragg: "In the future, the assessment of venous disorders as an obligate chronic condition must change. After all, the first stages are absolutely reversible, which is something that has not yet become widely known.“ In the specialist magazine ‘Phytotherapy’ (herbal medicine) Dr. Ragg made it clear that medication cannot heal venous valves. Dr. Ragg: "General practitioners should, instead of prescribing vein tonic medication on suspicion, first send the patients for qualified ultrasound clarification."
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Sector Special in the Professional Press ‘Fokus Stay Home 2.0’ | May 2020

Around one million Swiss people suffer from varicose veins – and during the Corona crisis, the risk of thrombosis has increased as a result of working from home. The current issue of the magazine 'Fokus Stay Home 2.0' published by Zurich's daily newspaper 'Der Tages-Anzeiger' presents what the angioclinic@ Vein Center Zurich has to offer, as well as our successful video consultation service. For all those interested: You will find the article in the specialist interest magazine on page 4 at https://issuu.com/smart_media/docs/tagi_stay_home_2


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Dr. Ragg Keeps You Updated: News From Our Video Consultations | June 2020

Dr. Ragg: "A patient, mother of a 2-year-old daughter, told me: 'Yesterday I was in a clinic in Zurich and had my legs examined. I have a visible varicose vein on my right calf, which disturbs me a lot. The doctor told me that it could only be operated. The varicose vein would be too crooked for laser treatment and that foam sclerotherapy would go directly into the brain and cause epilepsy'. I'm afraid this is a typical consultation. A doctor can only ever say what he thinks – and in this case the doctor thought that he would most likely have to operate. Unfortunately, this is almost always to the detriment of the patient. Nowadays every varicose vein can be treated much more effectively without surgery, and often the veins are even curable. More effectively means much less risk, much less or no pain, no anaesthesia, immediate ability to work and do sports, better aesthetic results and above all long-term protection against relapse".

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