How do you treat Small Varicose Veins?

Wie behandelt man kleine Krampfadern - Dr. Ragg, Zürich

We prefer to treat small varicose veins in our vein center in Zurich using selective and ultrasound-guided microfoam sclerotherapy. Selective means that the effect is targeted exactly at the abnormal veins, but reliably eliminates healthy parts. Ultrasound-guided means that the doctor continuously monitors every centimetre of the treatment area with ultrasound and precisely controls the sclerosing foam. This protects against complications. This method is the most precise, comfortable and cosmetically successful procedure for the patient (painless, without anaesthesia, with a few small pricks). The aim is to identify and close the small, otherwise often overlooked sources, and to do so without bruising or later discoloration. Anyone can inject a sclerosing agent blindly into a vein. Often this hurts and the effect is never right - either too strong with inflammation or too weak with no effect. To apply a precisely dosed sclerosing foam so precisely that all local causes of the venous disease are recorded and at the same time not a single centimetre of healthy veins is lost is an art that requires decades of practice, especially with ultrasound.

Surgical vein removal of small varicose veins, which are so often still done in Switzerland, should be rejected because the veins are torn off traumatically and uncontrollably. Skin nerves can be damaged, bleeding, wounds and infections can occur. In addition, the causes often persist, varicose veins do not disappear properly or return quickly.

Take advantage of the progress of the Dr Ragg methodology:

  • With visco-closure, the physical properties (viscosity) of the foam preparation are precisely matched to the size of the vein to be treated - this means a better effect, fewer risks;
  • With Ultra G-Spray (Dr Ragg patent), small prickers are hardly felt and hygiene is optimised;
  • Follow-up treatment without compression stockings, but with the new, almost invisible compression film (Venartis C-Film), which even allows immediate showering and any kind of sport or work.

In our vein center in Zurich we use these techniques to treat any type of varicose veins and spider veins with the highest success rates known to us. If you want to know exactly what we can do for you, please make your appointment now with Dr Ragg!

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