How do you treat Large Varicose Veins?

Wie behandelt man grosse Krampfadern - Dr. Ragg, Zürich

Large varicose veins are those with a diameter of more than 5 mm, from a diameter of 10 mm they are called 'very large'. But also diameters of more than 20 mm are not uncommon.

In the past it was quite clear that such large diseased veins had to be surgically removed. How could they simply disappear? Today it is different and Dr Ragg explains to you how to perform this 'miracle':

"Veins are like balloons: they are inflated by blood jams. They look huge, but 95% of the volume is simply blood, which is more needed elsewhere in the body. By treating the cause of the congestion, we lower the venous pressure and the varicose vein is gone. The result is stabilized with my Happy Veins strategy (see also varicose veins - gone in 30 minutes). I only give the impetus - and your body regulates the veins all by itself, as it should be."

So even large varicose veins can be removed without any cuts, without anaesthesia, without injuries and without any time lost from work. The only risks are small haematomas, as can sometimes occur when taking blood, and minor discomfort during a few days of the regression phase, not to be compared with the frequent problems after conventional operations. More than 7,000 patients and 'difficult cases' have been helped with this method since 2011.

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