Can Varicose Veins be prevented?

Kann man Krampfadern vorbeugen - Dr. Ragg, Zürich

The prevention of varicose veins in Switzerland should be particularly simple, because the Swiss are much closer to nature than others. Simple rule: a lot of walking protects your veins from venous insufficiency. If you don't have weak veins, you won't get varicose veins. Uphill or even running is better than downhill. Walk barefoot in the garden. Use shoes that give you a sense of the ground and encourage you to roll. Stand on your toes 3 x 30 times a day. Avoid conventional chairs that make you immobile. If you have to sit or stand a lot at work, protect yourself with slightly compressive socks. But - who needs what exactly? Dr Ragg takes his time for you in Zurich and gives you an individual recommendation, the success of which can be checked by ultrasound measurements.

If you already have vein damage, training and compression stockings will only help as much as brushing decayed teeth: only the healthy will be protected, the sick will inevitably become even sicker over time. Unfortunately, venous defects may be without any external features and symptoms for decades. This is why early diagnosis is so important: if you want to prevent vein defects, you must have them checked if you still feel 100% healthy!

Regular venous coaching is as important as an annual visit to the dentist. The good news is that you can prevent very well. Many people, including many doctors, do not know that varicose veins are completely preventable today. Dr Ragg will be happy to show you how to prevent venous insufficiency. Some patients save themselves the trouble of having to change their movement habits. Others protect themselves against relapse after a treatment with cleverly chosen measures. Preventive medicine brings joy of life and a better future with the veins to each individual.

A good vein clinic or a good vein practice in Switzerland can be recognised by whether it offers reliable concepts to prevent varicose veins and venous disorders. Treatment options that only involve 'repairs' should be avoided.

A good consultation is not easy: the doctor has to recognize to what extent heredity and congenital defects, strain, overload, daily habits and other factors lead to varicose veins or vein weakness in an individual. Only then can he draw up an individual plan. After all, it is always a question of how to achieve the best effect with the least and most pleasant effort.

In our Vein Center in Zurich, we have this knowledge at our disposal and Dr Ragg is a proven expert in the early detection of venous diseases.

Dr Ragg says: "I have studied thousands of venous valves until it dawned on me that each one tells a story about its past. Some have gaps, some are too small, some have inflammations, some have deposits, some are sticky - and every story holds a key to the remedy. Now we are studying the benefits of preventive measures. This is completely new! If someone has complaints, he can know whether a measure will alleviate them or not. But prevention concerns the symptom-free stages - and up to now one had to believe in the effect of stockings, tablets or creams in order to pull it through. Today we can see and measure important effects, and people can learn how to prevent them."

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